This is an inverse chronological selection of my work.  It is by no means complete.  I’ve listed all the things that are directly accessible.


Two new improvisations from my duet with Paul Forbes Mitchell

Two releases from my collaboration with Joe Musgrove


Archipelago: each island is unique, connected only by virtue of existing within the same chain.

Remnants is remastered, expanded and now available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes etc…

Compilation Appearances


Various compilations appearances.


 Makrotulpa – a new modular synth focused project.


The Included Middle – 11 part sound / image / text collaboration with Stacey Larner

FIELDS compilation

Fields compilation

Brilliant compilation curated by HXDK

I provided the cover image and track “The Scenic Rim”

File under: drone ambient

N4rgh1l3 AV works & performances

N4rgh1l3 @ Concentric Circuits – May 13 2012 from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

dornn kpring from Andrew Thomson on Vimeo.




A series of electroacoustic ghosts – the remnants of sonic events are spectrally reconstructed into elaborate sound-castles.

a study in AV spatialisation from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

File under: electroacoustic composition

Eleven Eleven Podcast 

Download (59:50 – 82.2mb)

Based on a mix I did for Halloween one year, much of which was also used at a What Is Music performance, this is my version of a “hauntology” mix.  Lots of creepy soundtrack stuff.

File under: creepy soundtracks

Awake in Fields of Albion


Originally created for a tape release on a label that never materialised this album mutated into the “post-laptop” breakdown album featured here.  Jammed out on real instruments in the downstairs studio/cinema of the house we were renting, then mangled with plugins this release is inexplicable and unrepeatable.  It is also my favourite album ever.

File under: post-laptop-prog-rock

Dry Mouth and a Tendency to Hallucinate (with Joe Musgrove)


This set of collage music was created live and then pared down.  Take a pinch of Demdike Stare and… whoops too much Nurse With Wound now no-one will listen to it.

Diaspora live at Indexicality from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

File under: improvised sound collage

The Drowned City


Following a disastrous flood that wrecked large parts of Brisbane I was inspired to compile a set of what I consider to be electronic pop.  Given the inspiration there are many slippages applied in the mixing.  Siderial not etherial.

Unscripted Drama / Batik from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

File under: siderial electro-pop


If the Answer Comes in Dreams then Who asks the Question?

If the Answer Comes in Dreams then Who asks the Question?

If the Answer Comes in Dreams then Who asks the Question?

Alias Frequencies AF041

My attempt to make populist music with populist software (Ableton Live) that is still intricate and interesting.  Rigid formula and square tempos but reaching towards the creative.

Installer Gig excerpt from Secret Killer Of Names on Vimeo.

File under: experimental electronic pop

Tangerine Nightmare – Synthicide (with Clinton Green and Andrew McIntosh)


Edited from a winter jam in Melbourne 2009, this is a noisy combination of 3 different improvisers with 3 different synthesisers and lots of pedals.  I’m working mainly from a Waldorf Blofeld and a Kaos Pad, Clinton had a VCS3 Synthi and I believe Andrew had a Yamaha (DX7?)  You wouldn’t know though – this isn’t exactly calm spacious Kosmique Musique.

File Under: Noise!!!


Humming through Schizophonic Air (with Paul Forbes Mitchell)


Alias Frequencies AF027

Several hours from our combined digital patchwork system entitled “Habitat”, edited down to a cosy 40mins.   PFM designed an AV patch in Pure Data and I designed the A/Life that controlled it in Processing.  We then improvise with live instruments and “Habitat” remixes the results.

Bonus content: this is an improvisation using only battery power that we did for Earth Hour in 2008.

File under: electroacoustic improvisation

Mount Disappointment from Framework 250th Branch Edition (with Joel Stern)


Binaural feedback through my homemade metallophone.  Featured on a compilation with the best of the best!

File Under: phonographies and dronescapes


Secret Killer Of Names


Alias Frequencies – AF024

Inaugural release with my solo project.  Using the guitar as a predominant sound-source for siderial ambience that touches on magic and memory.

File Under: Dark Ambience


Mise En Scene



My first major international release.  Naive but committed digital electroacoustic compositions.

File Under: electroacoustic composition


Diaspora Live Recordings

Diaspora Ohmwrld

Diaspora The Unknowable

New Royals theatrical score (with Dani Kirby)

Plague Doctors (ambient jazz with Dani Kirby, Keiran Ruffles, Andrew Thomson) set one, set two

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