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Project: Thought Forms / Artist: Makrotulpa

A quick browse to the beginnings of this blog will show that at one stage I was focused on researching AV performance approaches. I stopped in part because I started to feel that my goal of a performance setup where sound and image could be synthesised simultaneously in real time was being limited by rising CPU/GPU requirements and… Continue reading Project: Thought Forms / Artist: Makrotulpa



Today my mother gave me a Cedar book stand that my grandfather made. I tried setting it up with the Push - it was pretty interesting but not as useful as it looks - mainly because the angle means it can't stand in front of the synth rack. So I've found a more interesting use for… Continue reading Hand-me-down


Everybody make some noise for… Easter Long Weekend!!!

Something new from Paul Forbes Mitchell and I: Good Friday for suburban heathens is a pretty desolate place, especially when my partner is off at a conference for the entire weekend. To ease my suffering Paul came around with his suitcases and we made with the dystopic noise while Griffin entertained himself with YouTube for… Continue reading Everybody make some noise for… Easter Long Weekend!!!