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Axoloti Love

The latest addition to my black box of synthesis is a small but powerful wonder. It arrived on my birthday after taking only 5 days to travel from Belgium to Australia.   I've had packages from Melbourne take longer. The Axoloti Core is the brainchild of Johannes Taelman.  It's a PCB DSP with AUDIO I/O, USB… Continue reading Axoloti Love

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Catching up with Chronos

It's been a while... managed to shift some piles of work into the "Out" tray just in time for... NIME + Unconference The New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference is on in Brisbane this year. Some very exciting stuff to see / hear / talk about and I've been tasked with organising the Unconference at The Edge.… Continue reading Catching up with Chronos

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AV Summer Fun

I've always been into deep immersion and I have to say, lecturing and tutoring is a major distraction; splitting my life into such quadrants means I pay little attention to anything. I'm an obsessive and need unrestricted time to immerse. Here comes summer, just in the nick of time!  Brisbane summer humidity makes me feel… Continue reading AV Summer Fun