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Learning to cook with synths

This is something of an addendum to my recent post about learning modular synthesis. In reference to how presets can be used for learning... below is what I believe to be an effective way. Amongst other things i've been going through Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook, building the patches listed in the book on different synths as… Continue reading Learning to cook with synths

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I can’t hear the music for the presets.

But then appeared the green-eyed monster, and its name was the Factory Patch. Technological advances made it possible to store what had previously been patchcord connections in the instrument’s memory for immediate recall. This, of course, was a boon for the traditional forms of performance, and probably the most significant marketing advance in the history… Continue reading I can’t hear the music for the presets.

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Your Vision is Quartz

So, Quartz Composer, one of the many benefits of OSX that drew me away from the WinBoxes.  Free to use(*), widely modded and loudly trumpeted amongst the visualist community... yet so very difficult to get into.  Despite initially looking not much more complicated than Audiomulch or Bidule, I've never been able to quite grasp the signal flow… Continue reading Your Vision is Quartz

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A Study in Direct Causal AV Transmission

Part of a 2010 live performance at the Beetle Bar in Brisbane. This is my usual performance setup. I regularly use musical controllers to sequence and deploy synchronous audio and video in live performance. As a sound artist I enjoy the challenge of providing a more holistic audiovisual experience for the audience than I could… Continue reading A Study in Direct Causal AV Transmission