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New spaces

It's been a while! We've moved to a new location which means I have a new space.  I like this one much better than the previous.  Acoustically it is likely not as reliable but it's certainly more comfortable and inspiring. I have been busy with moving, setting up and teaching sound design, acoustics and academic… Continue reading New spaces

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(Trying to) K.I.S.S.

Hey, we're not dead yet! During the usual record-breaking heat of Brisbane summer it's not easy to be productive but i've managed to work towards a few things. I've joined the Electronic Music Philosophy FB group which is an interesting forum for stimulating ideas not stifled by an academic setting.  The convenor Andrew Lloyd runs an excellent blog… Continue reading (Trying to) K.I.S.S.


Not all people like what I like and that’s just fine!

Here is a musical demo combining Push, Madrona Lab's Kaivo and Zynaptiq's new Adaptiverb which sounds like it could be an essential tool for us Ambient muso's who use reverb as an instrument. I haven't been super productive over the last fortnight as I've been spending most of my spare time with No Man's Sky, the latest implementation of a… Continue reading Not all people like what I like and that’s just fine!

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2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles

The best thing I did in 2015 was complete (to me) the ultimate ambient track.  Here it is, released as part of the fifth iteration of Ambient Online. 2015 brought on a number of personal stresses, not least the death of my father, that hampered my ability to focus, network and evolve. I grief-shopped my way… Continue reading 2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles

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Directions, skills and motivations

Here is a sample from the ongoing Black Mercury project. I've managed to get a combination of the Nord / System-1m rack and Loopstation working pretty well in studio situations. But i'm feeling like this setup is only going to stretch so far. My current mood of self-reflection has been influenced by two amazing things I stumbled across… Continue reading Directions, skills and motivations