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Forming Thoughts

After a month of back and forth I've finally got the K-Mix working.  Kudos to Evan from K.M.I. for his technical support.  Go buy his awesome Max For Live device. So now the box looks like this: I'm still using the Macbook to run the Axoloti editor for now but hoping I won't need it… Continue reading Forming Thoughts

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Project: Thought Forms / Artist: Makrotulpa

A quick browse to the beginnings of this blog will show that at one stage I was focused on researching AV performance approaches. I stopped in part because I started to feel that my goal of a performance setup where sound and image could be synthesised simultaneously in real time was being limited by rising CPU/GPU requirements and… Continue reading Project: Thought Forms / Artist: Makrotulpa

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Cloudbounce Blind Test Results

  My mixing/mastering DAW of choice, Tracktion, has just added CloudBounce as a feature.  This is one of those online mastering services like Landr, centered around a machine-learning algorithm.  The results of the blind test are below.   I tested Landr also when it launched and the results indicated it was expecting a more conventional… Continue reading Cloudbounce Blind Test Results

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2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles

The best thing I did in 2015 was complete (to me) the ultimate ambient track.  Here it is, released as part of the fifth iteration of Ambient Online. 2015 brought on a number of personal stresses, not least the death of my father, that hampered my ability to focus, network and evolve. I grief-shopped my way… Continue reading 2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles

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Directions, skills and motivations

Here is a sample from the ongoing Black Mercury project. I've managed to get a combination of the Nord / System-1m rack and Loopstation working pretty well in studio situations. But i'm feeling like this setup is only going to stretch so far. My current mood of self-reflection has been influenced by two amazing things I stumbled across… Continue reading Directions, skills and motivations