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Forming Thoughts

After a month of back and forth I've finally got the K-Mix working.  Kudos to Evan from K.M.I. for his technical support.  Go buy his awesome Max For Live device. So now the box looks like this: I'm still using the Macbook to run the Axoloti editor for now but hoping I won't need it… Continue reading Forming Thoughts

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One Last Gasp is out just in time for W.W.III (v5.15beta)

On hearing that Trumpy Mc Trump-face shot his load (of rockets) at a barren Syrian airfield I couldn't help but feel that the world deserved another hour of comforting experimental music... so here it is... pay what you feel. Using up all my CloudBounce credits I plopped this algorithmic monster out.  I figured I'd rather rely… Continue reading One Last Gasp is out just in time for W.W.III (v5.15beta)

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Fun with Python, current build and distribution.

Managed to not record adequate video to convey the house gig / debut of "Thought-Forms" material from a couple of weekends back.  Here is all I got... I felt the experience was positive and received some great feedback that set my mind into motion towards further refinement of the approach.  As always the balance of… Continue reading Fun with Python, current build and distribution.

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Syntagmatic Relationships

I've just released something new to Bandcamp (coming soon to the usual online distribution centres.) This is an EP of four ambient experimental tracks originating in multichannel improvisation recordings post-manipulated into structures. Each track is a figure with an associated image as shown on the back cover. To explain the glib attribution a burst water… Continue reading Syntagmatic Relationships