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New spaces

It's been a while! We've moved to a new location which means I have a new space.  I like this one much better than the previous.  Acoustically it is likely not as reliable but it's certainly more comfortable and inspiring. I have been busy with moving, setting up and teaching sound design, acoustics and academic… Continue reading New spaces

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Forming Thoughts

After a month of back and forth I've finally got the K-Mix working.  Kudos to Evan from K.M.I. for his technical support.  Go buy his awesome Max For Live device. So now the box looks like this: I'm still using the Macbook to run the Axoloti editor for now but hoping I won't need it… Continue reading Forming Thoughts

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One Last Gasp is out just in time for W.W.III (v5.15beta)

On hearing that Trumpy Mc Trump-face shot his load (of rockets) at a barren Syrian airfield I couldn't help but feel that the world deserved another hour of comforting experimental music... so here it is... pay what you feel. Using up all my CloudBounce credits I plopped this algorithmic monster out.  I figured I'd rather rely… Continue reading One Last Gasp is out just in time for W.W.III (v5.15beta)

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(Trying to) K.I.S.S.

Hey, we're not dead yet! During the usual record-breaking heat of Brisbane summer it's not easy to be productive but i've managed to work towards a few things. I've joined the Electronic Music Philosophy FB group which is an interesting forum for stimulating ideas not stifled by an academic setting.  The convenor Andrew Lloyd runs an excellent blog… Continue reading (Trying to) K.I.S.S.