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New spaces

It’s been a while!

We’ve moved to a new location which means I have a new space.  I like this one much better than the previous.  Acoustically it is likely not as reliable but it’s certainly more comfortable and inspiring.

I have been busy with moving, setting up and teaching sound design, acoustics and academic research.  My partner has recently acquired a full-time job so my teaching hours will be replaced with parental responsibilities very soon.

Aside from some sessions with Joe and Paul i’ve been mostly setting up a comfortable space.  We have some material i’m in the process of polishing for a release some time in the next couple of months.  It will be extensions on material we debuted at Oscillo Scape VI as the Musgrove Barrett Hetleveiker Trio.   Here is a raw mix of one section.

Flipped some gear, acquired some new stuff.

The Creative Wing

System-1m and Aira stuff is gone as I was struggling with the tendency to sound like every other synth-wave artist in love with John Carpenter.

Have been using the V-Synth a lot more since mid-year, sampling stuff onto it and making weird layers of sound.  For such a big expensive synth it makes really shitty sounding noise but I’m loving the roughness.  I’ve mounted it with the Push and PadKontrol (for the Axoloti) onto a drafting board I found while moving which gives it a useful angle.

Volca FM came and went, replaced by the Yamaha Reface DX.  Now the price is more reasonable, it’s an absolute gem for droney pads and relatively easy to program.  The Volca was too fiddly for my frog fingers and the 3 note maximum is more suited to mono sequences and basses that i’m less into using.

Nord Modular and Axoloti are still very much part of the setup.  Also acquired a Nord Drum as I am trying to imbue my tracks with unique rhythmic qualities that don’t rely on samples so much.  It cuts through very nicely.

The Mixing Wing

The Nektar Panorama P1 is a control surface which i’m using with Reaper (and maybe Logic).  Makes the process of mixing more pleasurable though it takes a little while to get used to the functionality.  Aside from mixing and transport control I can work at the channel level controlling EQ and other Inserts, apply automation and control instrument parameters if need be.  A very handy addition and very flexible.




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