(Trying to) K.I.S.S.

"I make the best doomsday. It's true."
“I make the best doomsday. It’s true.”

Hey, we’re not dead yet!

During the usual record-breaking heat of Brisbane summer it’s not easy to be productive but i’ve managed to work towards a few things.

  1. I’ve joined the Electronic Music Philosophy FB group which is an interesting forum for stimulating ideas not stifled by an academic setting.  The convenor Andrew Lloyd runs an excellent blog and occasionally posts challenges, the most recent being to compose a piece with only one item of gear as an audio source.  I chose the Shbobo Shnth, working to make it sound like Richard Skelton in negative space.  The full results are collected on this eclectic podcast.

    Feb 12, 2017. East Brisbane Bowls Club.
    Feb 12, 2017. East Brisbane Bowls Club.
  2. Small Black Box returns on Feb 12, 2017 and Joe and I are honoured to be among the artist scheduled to perform.  For those not around at the time, SBB was an essential monthly experimental series that ran from 2001 to 2005 in various venues throughout Brisbane.  Here is one of the earlier ones…

    So I’m working on a computer-less hardware setup for this performance.  The following video demonstrates it all synced from the SQ-1. The K-Mix will allow me to disperse the sound to QUAD. It should be noted that I don’t plan to make squiggly doof-doof the entire performance – this is merely a test that it does all work.
  3. RPM challenge is on again.  As you may realise I’m typically not very good at completing this – I’ve managed to complete it once.  Balancing work, parenting and creating is never easy but it’s often far worse in February due to preparation requirements for academia.  That said a fair chunk of Black Mercury was developed during this time.  So my plan this year is to not have a plan aside from focusing on Push 2 / Ableton sampling and software synths with a low-key ambient vibe.  I just recently picked up a ROLI Block and plan to try out the MPE with compatible synths like UVI Falcon, Madrona Labs AAlto, Kaivo and Logic’s Structure.  Also plan to try sending LUMEN visuals through it but so far that isn’t working.

The weird and the sad


Very sad to hear about the death of Mark Fisher.  Having read occasional K-Punk articles as well as his books Capitalist Realism and Ghosts of My Life which most eloquently express a frustration with the political and economic aspects of modernity that encourage even less-poetic souls to recoil in horror, shrinking back into a nostalgic echo chamber.

I will read his latest with an additional ache. Finding a way to artistically manifest, discuss and express your depression doesn’t make it go away.

Here is an improvisation.  It changes nothing but I appreciate the opportunity to do this.