Today my mother gave me a Cedar book stand that my grandfather made.

I tried setting it up with the Push – it was pretty interesting but not as useful as it looks – mainly because the angle means it can’t stand in front of the synth rack.

IMG_1001 IMG_1003

So I’ve found a more interesting use for it.  I’ve got the old Ikea stand back for the Push and now I have a front facing mixing desk.

IMG_1007 IMG_1005

Unconference Showcase went pretty well.  PFM sounded fabulous, Feet Teeth filled the auditorium with menacing neo-kraut-rock and the Sonic Manipulator was… well…


…undescribable?  He made everyone happy.  My intro performance with just Shnth and Loop-Station went down well also.   With the new firmware I can add compression and EQ to make it sound better in the room.


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