Oscilloscapes 2 performance videos 14 May 2016

Musgrove Barrett @ Oscilloscapes II - pic by Bryan Spencer
Musgrove Barrett @ Oscilloscapes II – pic by Bryan Spencer

Here be Musgrove Barrett gamely struggling against inebriation to present improvised electronic soundscapes for Oscilloscopes II gig at Alchemix.  Thanks to Tim Roberts for filming and Marly Lüske for recording the evening.

We aren’t very interesting to watch so you might want to download the audio below.

Matthew and Tim’s improvisation in particular sounds great in the room.

I’m using the Push 2 / Live 9.6 to control and process the Nord Modular and Roland System-1m which I’m running through the MOTU Ultralite and out to the mixer. I’ve got a Surreal Machines Magnetic running after the NM and a copy of Effekthascher after the Sys-1m.   I’m also occasionally running samples through Madrona Labs Virta and Diffuse.

I then have the Aira FX on send/return with the following patch in the Scooper.

Random Scatter Scooper patch
Random Scatter Scooper patch

It randomly scatters the input based on QuadLFO input before routing it through the Demora delay.  It also pushes out some random LFO triggers which are sent to the Sys-1m.

Joe has MS-20 software on a laptop with a Korg Volca sample, Casio SK-1, Monotron and some tapes/walkmans.

It’s pretty messy but certainly makes me keen to spend some more time in the studio making weird sounds.

This is turning into a nice little performance series.  Thanks to Lindsay Crawford for organising it and all the people that came along.

Oscilloscapes audience from stage
Oscilloscapes audience from stage

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