May is when the weather gets nice…

… yet i’m predominantly stuck inside marking.

tiny violin drops

Still managing to get some creation done thanks to a setup that doesn’t need reconfiguring every other day.

I’ve two tracks completed already – this is one of them though the final mix is quite different due to to an unintentional fuck-up. I didn’t remember Reaktor ensembles don’t save their individual settings within Tracktion 7 (or perhaps any DAW).

So the crunchy overcompressed percussion is replaced with a more Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth kinda sound.  I should mention that in both cases I’ve made good use of a nice new(ish) FSU multi-effect.


Effekthascher from Aggregati Musika is a nicely priced ensemble that compares well to plugins like Turnado and Excalibur.  It is not as deep but more immediate than the latter and less prone to irritating robotic resynthesis and glitchy sameness like the former.   It works with Reaktor 5 and 6 and I can see myself using it quite a lot in the studio and improvisations once I work out the best combination of the 90 FX to save.

For me one of the best things is that it is one of the few ensembles with parameters that show up on the Push2 in a sensible – usable manner.  It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been using Blocks as much as I could – the inability to properly assign controls – even using the Compress ID function – means they are only really usable with interfaces that send CC.  This is something I can solve with Max for Live but still…

Tracktion Compare

Tracktion 7 by the way has come good for me.  If you expand the images above you will see default (left) and low contrast (right) setting. I’m sure most of you will prefer the default however in my studio with my specific monitor it hurts my eyes using it for more 10mins.  I’ve found it less problematic on the Macbook Air but i’m clearly not the only one as numerous cranky voices cried out in anger and were suddenly silenced by the developers responding that “it’s not currently a priority”.

Tracktion 6 default

Given that Tracktion 6 looks like above it’s a dramatic change – however the more powerful plugin routing is what brings me to this newer version.  The image below shows two tracks being routed through the Melda MMorph plugin.  If I can use it without a headache that is another bonus.

T7 Plugin



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