Oscilloscapes 2 performance videos 14 May 2016

Here be Musgrove Barrett gamely struggling against inebriation to present improvised electronic soundscapes for Oscilloscopes II gig at Alchemix.  Thanks to Tim Roberts for filming and Marly Lüske for recording the evening. We aren't very interesting to watch so you might want to download the audio below. Matthew and Tim's improvisation in particular sounds great in the… Continue reading Oscilloscapes 2 performance videos 14 May 2016


Oscilloscapes II: duets

The second edition of Oscillo Scape is on this weekend.  A number of duets are occurring including a myself as part of Musgrove Barrett. We've done some rehearsing for the gig and here are two excerpts that probably won't give an adequate idea of what we will sound like. Since that rehearsal I've been working… Continue reading Oscilloscapes II: duets