composition, product

tHE eneMY wIThin

Cleaning out my hard-drive the other day I found a lost Makrotulpa album.

I polished it up a bit and present it to you here.

Listening back i’m not entirely surprised I forgot about it. Not that it’s bad so much as it being profoundly negative.  Perhaps it’s my Pornography?

The title originally came from something I was reading about US anti-terrorism laws but it applies equally to the bouts of depression i’ve been battling on and off over the last few years.  If you need a soundtrack for pondering your insignificance while capitalism is slowly replaced by desperate feudalism…

Chronologically it follows Radio Atlantis, there are a few “bangers”, but mostly it mutters and sulks in the corner.  Some tracks have already appeared on SoundCloud in slightly different guises.

This is most likely the last Makrotulpa release (though there is a track on the latest Ambient Online compilation) as it is much easier to manage, distribute (and owe tax) on stuff using my own name.

Listen for free – pay if you want.


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