Everybody make some noise for… Easter Long Weekend!!!

Something new from Paul Forbes Mitchell and I:

Good Friday for suburban heathens is a pretty desolate place, especially when my partner is off at a conference for the entire weekend.
To ease my suffering Paul came around with his suitcases and we made with the dystopic noise while Griffin entertained himself with YouTube for Kids (bandwidth is now through the roof).

I’m using the same setup from the gig a fortnight ago.  Paul has upgraded his Raspberry Pi cases with some new hardware that runs Xodular Eco-System headless with help from a Korg Nano-Kontrol.  I think we’re both in fine form here.  I hope the heart-warming parental narrative related above didn’t soil the darkness too much!

Have had lots of nice comments about the Musgrove/Barrett material.  It seems the consensus is in favour of This Incessant Humming.  As that is the one Joe put together I think he is on mix duties next time (and i’ll stick to mastering).  We have been asked to duet at another gear-a-thon with the same crew from Alchemix – so we’ll have to work out a coherent way of delivering the goods without incessant feedback!

photo by Yuki Crawford
photo by Yuki Crawford
Photo by Yuki Crawford
Photo by Yuki Crawford

Finally I’ve had some motivation / inspiration to work on my own releases over the last few days.  So Black Mercury is still coming and it will quite possibly paired with an additional release.

I’ll say more when the audio is properly cooked.


Post Gig thoughts

Here is a mixer recording of my performance last night at Oscilloscapes.

I’m fairly satisfied of the results.  It stays a little long on the muddy subaquatic floor and I only used about 2% of what I planned but I think it flow naturally for the most part.  It’s definitely a fun workable setup even though it’s not the easiest to transport.  The only hiccup I really felt was at the beginning the feedback drone patch wasn’t working as planned – something I’ll have to look into.

Oscilloscapes setup

Everything was pretty much perfect.  Gear porn aside it was a great venue and a nice chilled collection of people actually interested in listening.   Kudos to Lindsay Crawford for organising and Marly Luske for opening up his space for it.

Hopefully there will be more.

Oscilloscapes gig


Gear then and now

Opened up Facebook to one of those “remember what you did 3 years ago” posts.  I guess most people have pictures of their children or food or their wild nights out.  For those of us who understand what really matters… Gear!
Interesting to see note that the only thing that remains today from the original picture (aside from cable) are the rugged Phonic mixer.

The current setup is what I plan to use at gig on Saturday night.

Oscilloscape gig

Yes I’m playing a gig because it is at a studio as opposed to a bar full of disinterested alcoholics.  Should be a great night for synth nerds and modular enthusiasts.

Push is mainly sequencing the synths though I’m also using it to play samples. Mixer sends a mono signal to the Scooper which I’m controlling from the iPad.  I have a number of different patchings to use with it include some that also send out Logic and Random CV to be used with the Sys1m.

Here is something I made very quickly.  The performance will be more varied and dynamic.