The answer to life, the universe and everything.

Apologies this is from the (not dreadful but less hip) movie rather than the TV show.  Stephen Fry gives good monologue however.


That’s how long i’ve been alive (though are we ever “truly” alive?)  I won’t pretend to have discovered the answer to life, the universe and everything however I do know that my life heavily relies on the ability to synthesise sonic environments.

Joe Musgrove has been a co-pilot on this journey for over 15 years and as it is my birthday I feel it is my prerogative to draw your attention towards two collaborative releases that are at this time the most vital fruits of our voyage.

Originally intended for release on vinyl in 2015 the rapidly deflating Australian dollar made it financially inadvisable.  Culled from a set of electroacoustic improvisations in 2014 this is, in my opinion, our most effective ambient work emphasising spatial depth and subtle modulations.  We’re using Concréte techniques with a mix of microphonic manipulation, turntables, analogue and digital hardware.  Perhaps the soundtrack to an imaginary Bela Tarr film set in a dystopian future.

Some of the most accessible work we’ve done, these pieces were constructed via a layered system of improvisation.  Recording to the Zoom R8 we improvised a foundation track and then filled each additional track out with subtle colour and divergences.  For all but two of the tracks I’m using Ableton Push 2 as a semi-live sampler reworking Joe’s turntable manipulations into structural components.  The resultant separate tracks were taken into Tracktion where EQ and spatialisation was applied.  In some cases I used Melodyne 4 to remove irritating noises and embellish certain elements.  It really is a magical tool – especially in a DAW that supports ARA which allows for direct interaction with the audio material.   Compared to the previous release you can see a similar emphasis on tactility, texture and spatialisation being applied to a more populist framework with references to break-core and ambient house.



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