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Customising Aira

This track is a demo of the ability to customise the Aira digital modules – in this case a Scooper.  Have a listen.

Here is the full patch detail:

Short delay patch.
Short delay patch.

A simple single drum hit is running into that.  The short delay modules with modulate feedback are filling out the sound quite nicely which then flows out to a Demora with a higher delay time (around 6 seconds).  Later in the track I add external LFO input the Pitch, Filter and Delay lengths.

Due to the inaccessible position of the USB within a rack I’ve been forced to use the iPad app which communicates via audio data through a front patch point.  Rather like the idea of Commodore 64 data cassettes – and seemingly just as reliable.  It’s taken me some time to get this working as every time I tried to change the patch it would stop working requiring a factory reset. I thought there might be something wrong with the module and was scratching my head at the absence of similar reports online.

It took an extended look at the sparse instructions to work it out.

Remote-in patching
Remote-in patching

Doesn’t that look like a stereo jack pictured?

I’d been using a regular mono patch cable and nowhere had I seen it mentioned yet changing to stereo cable and suddenly it works.

I’m very surprised to have not read about this before now.



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