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February Preparations

This is the second track i’ve contributed to the Weekly Beats site and I’m not feeling inspired to continue.  One of the major problems is that I’m finding it difficult to listen to the other contributions.  It doesn’t work at all in Chrome and seems to be sporadic on Firefox.  I’m also much more an album than singles person and I’ve neither the motivation to care about completing one track per week nor quite the time to fuss over them.

Working towards something i’m actually interested in working towards and having some motivation is important so i’ve decided to focus instead on the RPM challenge coming this February.  I finished one challenge but have never found the time to complete any more.  February is often a shitty month with preparations for return to academia taxing my time.  This year i’m determined to manage this transition by preparing ahead and setting some rules, goals and boundaries.

Working title:

  • Black Mercury aka Blood of the Slaves continues to be the leading holistic influence.




  • Ableton Live 9.6 and Push 2 with an emphasis on the sampling and sequencing functionality.  No Loopstation.
  • Focus on hardware over software for synth sources.  Software effects are fine.
  • Arrangements will include manipulated Digital Concréte sourced from publicly available online videos – streamed via Loopback – a fantastic new app the instantiates other apps as audio sources – meaning I can sample from “Chrome” 🙂
  • Construct and record arrangement in Ableton Live.  Attempt to edit tracks in Arrangement view but can also output to mix in Tracktion if required.
  • Pre-Master in Audition – though this pieces will likely be further refined for an official release.
  • Grounded theory approach to composition defined by workflow and refined by mixing.
  • Oblique Strategies cards for decision making where necessary.



  • Collect and evaluate current sketches for influence, sample sources
  • Start sketchbook / notebook / diary for ideas
  • Learn how to incorporate new modules in Aira Module Customizer.
  • Start patching hardware and saving interesting sketches for development
  • Play computer games as will not have time in February.
  • Collate and backup academic material.


  • 35-40mins of material that bridges the gap between Digital Concréte and Avant Goth electronica

Inspirations that I could never live up to:

  • Coil
  • Amon Tobin
  • Rashad Becker
  • Pimmon

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