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Customising Aira

This track is a demo of the ability to customise the Aira digital modules - in this case a Scooper.  Have a listen. Here is the full patch detail: A simple single drum hit is running into that.  The short delay modules with modulate feedback are filling out the sound quite nicely which then flows out… Continue reading Customising Aira

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February Preparations

This is the second track i've contributed to the Weekly Beats site and I'm not feeling inspired to continue.  One of the major problems is that I'm finding it difficult to listen to the other contributions.  It doesn't work at all in Chrome and seems to be sporadic on Firefox.  I'm also much more an album… Continue reading February Preparations

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2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles

The best thing I did in 2015 was complete (to me) the ultimate ambient track.  Here it is, released as part of the fifth iteration of Ambient Online. 2015 brought on a number of personal stresses, not least the death of my father, that hampered my ability to focus, network and evolve. I grief-shopped my way… Continue reading 2016 – getting past the melancholy cycles