Black Mercury progress report


Time for a progress report during my social media black-out.

I’m currently working on Black Mercury for release early next year.  It will be a snarling digital monster focused on a specific set of improvisational experiments.

The release will be a multi-tracked, edited affair though the source elements are quite promising as live pieces.  With that in mind I may be able to perform adequately around this set of approaches and I hope to get that happening.  It remains to be seen if there is an audience for this.

Below is a sample.

The title (and in some sense the overall concept) is inspired by this New York Times article about the mythic Red Mercury – apparently a scam used to monitor terrorist groups like ISIS.

The article weaves an interesting narrative but the part that caught my attention was the reference to “Blood of the Slaves”  used to conjure Jinn.  It got me thinking about the tools I use to make sound, and the sweatshop workers that contribute to this entitlement.


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