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Since i’m an academic i’ll call it a Sabbatical!

It’s December, the time of storms, and I’ve decided to remain logged off Facebook and Twitter for the duration.

I’m not having a tantrum or removing myself for depression/anxiety reasons – just feel that now is the best time to get away with it and this Xmas period is the time for hanging with family, relaxing, and maybe working on some music without pressure or influence.

Aside from the pragmatic there are two primary purposes to my sabbatical:

dream porpoises in flight
dream porpoises in flight

I’m interested to see how I feel at the end of it and whether my usage pattern changes.  At the moment it is my primary source for outside world information and I think that is problematic, particularly given the way selective friend culling ultimately leads to much proselytising to the choir.

It’s also my primary source for procrastination – I fear that i’m spending actual hours on it per day and that time would be better put to use working on the magnum opera.

Speaking of which… check out my ghetto modular fixings!

Quad LFO with DIY cage
Quad LFO with DIY cage

The gaping hole has bothered my mild OCD for a while and I’ve no need for more Roland Aira modules.  So I chucked the Analog Ordnance QuadLFO in – anchored at the base with some Hook and Loop/Velcro with backing gauze from Bunnings to stop it falling backwards.  Don’t mind my enthusi-gasm!

Given my absence from social media i’ll be interested to see what audience this post gets.

Here is something else cool to check out.

Rastko has made great music with Nord Modular before.  I’m not sure what is being used here though I gather it has something to do with a Madrona Soundplane.

What I love about this is the natural way it sounds like these elements are played.  It reminds me of the early electronic works of Messiaen with a naturalistic bend similar to the psycho-geographic works of Hawthonn and Richard Skelton.  Very inspiring.



4 thoughts on “Since i’m an academic i’ll call it a Sabbatical!”

  1. I hope so…
    We’ve just moved house (an abominable task at best) and I have already managed a minimal music setup-laptop, USB powered midi controller(s), headphones. Can do quite a lot in the box though. Am now playing around with Reaktor Blocks and that’s a lot of fun 🙂 Also coming to grips with fitting music making into a fixed energy budget as we’ve moved off grid and chosen just about the worst time of the year to make the adjustment to limited standalone solar power/batteries. A very bright spot-the little VOX guitar amp and all my stompboxes only draw about 5 Watts total. Amazing! At least at the volume levels I’ll be playing at, so guitar playing can be almost unlimited. Now to actually learn to play the thing!

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