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Directions, skills and motivations

Here is a sample from the ongoing Black Mercury project. I've managed to get a combination of the Nord / System-1m rack and Loopstation working pretty well in studio situations. But i'm feeling like this setup is only going to stretch so far. My current mood of self-reflection has been influenced by two amazing things I stumbled across… Continue reading Directions, skills and motivations


Black Mercury progress report

Time for a progress report during my social media black-out. I'm currently working on Black Mercury for release early next year.  It will be a snarling digital monster focused on a specific set of improvisational experiments. The release will be a multi-tracked, edited affair though the source elements are quite promising as live pieces.  With that in… Continue reading Black Mercury progress report

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Since i’m an academic i’ll call it a Sabbatical!

It's December, the time of storms, and I've decided to remain logged off Facebook and Twitter for the duration. I'm not having a tantrum or removing myself for depression/anxiety reasons - just feel that now is the best time to get away with it and this Xmas period is the time for hanging with family, relaxing, and… Continue reading Since i’m an academic i’ll call it a Sabbatical!