Got me a Falcon

No... not that Falcon!
No… not that Falcon!
This Falcon!
This Falcon!

A hybrid synth/sampler from UVI.

“Hang on…”  I hear you cry.  “Did you not say in an earlier post that you weren’t getting any new software or hardware?”

Fair question… this Falcon bares more than an aesthetic similar to something I own and have discussed in these pages before.

Oh look it's that amazing Synth/Sampler hybrid that is nearly impossible to get!
Oh look it’s that amazing Synth/Sampler hybrid that is nearly impossible to get!

UVI taking control of their baby means there is now a digital manual for you to peruse.

The update also adds some extra granular and wavetable oscillators and some more effects.

It doesn’t replace stuff like Kontakt but for me this is a desert island software synth for creativity due to the extensive modulation possibilities and the ability to layer seemingly endless parts mixing granular synthesis with various types of virtual analog.  I find myself using it in way not dissimilar to the V-Synth, but the granular synth modulation brings me much joy!

Dan Worrall’s Overview on the site takes you through the parts with some dreadful cheesy music.  I prefer Simon Stockhausen’s demo videos.

Loads of predictable bitching on KVR.  No upgrade path for previous users is a bit stinko.  I traded my Soundtoys 5 and U-he Diva licenses to afford this one and I have no regrets.  It’s not for the faint of heart but for those who like to tinker i’d argue this is the most modular flexible sound design tools around.

N.B.  I was not paid to advertise this…  I am but a chump with an opinion.


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