Juggling plates of sound

Sonic loops: I can’t escape them – and if i’m honest the fact is I desire them.

This week I was drawn to the layers of cyclic beauty comprising Jonas Reinhardt’s Ganymede.  A release that on the evidence of the following seems to be close to what I was striving for with my AV 4/5 years ago.

It inspired me to bring the RC505 Loopstation out of my gig bag to incorporate back into the current table setup.

It synthesises, it samples, it loops.
It synthesises, it samples, it loops!

The goal is still of course to focus on what I’ve got – layering with the Zoom R8, mixing the tracks in Tracktion for a late November (possibly more like December) release.

This is an example of one layer with the Loopstation.  It’s quite a thick paste so the multi-tracking on this would more likely be to add nuance and sidereal diversion.

I’ve also put the morph setup (minus the SP-404 and RC-505) through an improvisatory test alongside Paul Forbes Mitchell and the following is a jagged weird jam that I think holds promise for much future goodness.


Thought I should take a pic of the rest of the setup for balance.

2015-10-24 13-01-33 +1000

The V-Synth is currently not hooked up to generate MIDI as i’m using the Push mostly for that.  It’s really more there for adding pad sounds and weirdness.  My only issue at the moment as the D-Beam cannot be calibrated properly due to the close proximity of shelf above it.  If I didn’t need the keyboard it would be OK but… :/


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