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Euclidean Mode engaged

Lately i’ve been playing with the Patterning iPad drum machine and the PolyPin Max 4 Live patch and I think I finally know what Euclidean Sequencing is.

It’s quite cool and not as hard to understand as I was mistakenly lead to believe.


Instead of beats being broken into divisible multiples of the current time signature, beats are broken into an equal ratios of the time.

So instead of 5/4 meaning five quarter notes to a bar – in Euclidean time it flips the equation so that the length of the 4 beat bar is broken into 5 segments of the current time with each beat being .8 of that time.  What this means is… polyrhythms that can still be made to sync to clock.

Patterning provides the ridiculous rhythm, System-1m is the bass and bell sounds with Nord Modular put through CrusherX granular synth making the buzzing / scraping noises and a lot of semi-random YouTube filling out the schizophonics.  For this track I put the Roland V-Synth in its (temporary) coffin and reduced my jam setup to this manageable bundle.

Rocket Shipusine

I found the V-Synth took over my workspace and increased my tendency toward Vangelis style pads.  Given my current approach to building tracks between the Zoom R8 and Tracktion 6 I think it will become much more valuable later in the tracking phase or in live situations.  Speaking to Lawrence English at Liquid Architecture last night it’s apparently a good tactic to closet the synths that are distracting or dominating.  Apparently a certain synth guy that contributed a substantial amount to the recent Nine Inch Nails sound has quite a lot of closet space filled with occasional wonders.

Though i’m putting a dirty laptop back into the jam setup it does have some clear affordances:

  1. I can have a clearer perspective on the Nord Modular and System-1m/System100 patches and edit them as needed.
  2. I can bring Usine back (at the moment running into the Nord Modular) for additional crazy.

The following electro-acoustic comprovisation corresponds to the second photo above.


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