Got me a Falcon

A hybrid synth/sampler from UVI. "Hang on..."  I hear you cry.  "Did you not say in an earlier post that you weren't getting any new software or hardware?" Fair question... this Falcon bares more than an aesthetic similar to something I own and have discussed in these pages before. UVI taking control of their baby… Continue reading Got me a Falcon


Juggling plates of sound

Sonic loops: I can't escape them - and if i'm honest the fact is I desire them. This week I was drawn to the layers of cyclic beauty comprising Jonas Reinhardt's Ganymede.  A release that on the evidence of the following seems to be close to what I was striving for with my AV 4/5 years ago.… Continue reading Juggling plates of sound

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Limitations that are strengths.

Going to Liquid Architecture seems to have reset my sanity clock somewhat.  Seeing artists making music within clear boundaries provides a nice reality check away from hermit life and the unreasonable expectations I place upon myself. I also recently stumbled across some interesting stuff from Søren Kierkegaard including a quote where, after broadly describing the English as… Continue reading Limitations that are strengths.