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Makro/Hetlev September jams

Some new jams on Bandcamp – Free to download / pay if you feel like it.

Paul and I are at a point with our gear that we can get interesting diverse textures without much drama.  Obviously there is plenty of Roland sound on this but Paul’s suitcase DIY modular with Arduino / Raspberry Pi components is expanding and creates much higher quality texture now.  This recording is completely live with only some compression applied to flatten the dramatic peaks slightly.

Art comes from an experiment I started, sending abstract computer generated art through Google’s Deep Dream to see what dog-birds it could find.  The images above and below are some unused outtakes from the digital art book included with the download.


I won’t be making or sharing long jam recordings like this for some time.

Joe and I have been experimenting with filling the eight tracks of the Zoom R8 rather than jamming out for hours and having to then find the amazing parts in the wall of sound. I think i’ve sold him on it… it seems much more efficient and the mono tracks can then be exported to a DAW for further “preparation” with a coherent arrangement idea already mapped out.


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