Old school for the New school.

Here is a track I recorded and mixed this morning - two hours from start to upload. I'm using Ableton Live 9 and Push to mix to the Zoom R8 multitrack recorder.  There were 4 recorded passes with varying degrees of Roland System-1m, V-Synth and Nord Modular processing and modulating.  This is a very satisfying way to build up… Continue reading Old school for the New school.

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Makro/Hetlev September jams

Some new jams on Bandcamp - Free to download / pay if you feel like it. Paul and I are at a point with our gear that we can get interesting diverse textures without much drama.  Obviously there is plenty of Roland sound on this but Paul's suitcase DIY modular with Arduino / Raspberry Pi… Continue reading Makro/Hetlev September jams