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Onwards and upwards!


Skye from Terminal Sound System happens to be the prior owner of the fantabulous Nord Modular Rack.  The other day he seemed rather curious as to why the Nord Modular was not appearing in my setup photos.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.35.25 pm

So after a friendly suggestion from Nick G I find myself able to present in a manner fitting to my current level of geekery.

Behold the vertical…

2015-08-18 21-01-03 +1000 2015-08-18 21-01-31 +1000

*EDIT:  I guess I should expand upon this.  The V-Synth, Nord Modular, System-1m and LoopStation are all synced off Ableton through my MOTU interface and a MIDI Quadra splitter.  I can also plug the splitter into the V-Synth to sequence off that.

Up next is something pretty from my new friend Walter Stone.  It makes me think of Brian Eno playing through a broken radio – perfect ambient music.


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