Dream loops

Here is a new improvisation using Ableton Push to control the Roland System-1m and V-Synth via the Boss RC505 Loop Station.

My improvised workflow doesn’t get more seamless using Ableton and the Push as an instrument controlling hardware and software while creating dreamy loops – traditionally my favourite approach.  Here is my table of gear.


This was recorded direct to the Zoom R8 multitrack and then minimally processed with an additional stream of mangled YouTube audio.

Recording to the multitrack and editing in Tracktion has been mostly successful though I had some nasty crashes trying to mix the track below. Most likely I was pushing too many plugins without freezing. You’d think a quadcore i7 could handle eight tracks with no more than three plugs per track but some of the Melda processes can get a bit dicey with modulation pushing them in weird directions.

I’m mostly very happy with how things are right now as it’s very easy to get some interesting sketches done for processing later. Makes me feel like slightly less of a dilettante!

Brisbane Synth Orchestra
Brisbane Synth Orchestra

I’m actually performing live again as part of the Brisbane Synth Orchestra during the
Brisbane Fringe Festival. Should be fun and not too hard. Will be bringing the System-1m, Korg SQ-1 and Analog Ordnance Quad LFO plus maybe an effect pedal of some sort. Synths will be clocked and mixed by Andrew Gibb of The Edge Centre for Audio Visual Experimentation. Expect something Tangerine Dream like but it’s really anyone’s guess.


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