Moving the computer away from the centre.

All the wordage on this blog over the last year or two about workflows etc. really comes down to this:

This is the setup with focus for play with limitations that don’t seem like they actually are.  I noticed afterwards that i’d mistakenly plugged the MIDI output of the SQ-1 into the Filter of the Sys-1m. Seems to sound alright 😉  This is not typically how I make music but it’s a good way to sketch out ideas.

The Push allows me to control and sequence the synths while also allowing sampling and “In the box” effects and synths of which there are plenty still to recommend.  The focus is away from the monitor and I am not using Ableton Live as a DAW – but as an instrument/sequencer – moving it slightly away from the centre.  When people ask me “What is so great about Push?”  I think the utility is easiest to demonstrate.  Tactility is something that needs to be experienced.

I’m also loving being able to Bus out to the Zoom R8 for recording – saves taxing my brain about what is record enabled and allows for – at very least a recording to be edited in Tracktion / Reaper whatever.  I will be experimenting with layering and bouncing with it.  Perhaps there is some novelty value but I also see it as hugely convenient and am more likely to pump out some tracks.


The origin of Makrotulpa was intended to be a marriage of my Macro photography with my micro-sonics yet I found myself lacking the appropriate combination of lens and flash to get good results.  Recently I was scouring the Gumtree and chanced upon some affordable Macro gear so that idea is back.  Given that my birth name is registered with all the digital distributors i’ve decided to produce a number of studies under my own name utilising Makrotulpa as an album title.


Possibly – but the end results will justify – if not extend upon that confusion 😉


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