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Focus, limitations and play

It might seem a little odd that i’m posting so soon but… I have something I MUST speak of… but first… listen to this!

I took the setup from the previous blog post and video, minus the V-Synth, around to Joe and Bec’s for a jam and it was an exceptional time.

Feel i’m getting to grips with using the System-1m in a creative way… a lot of nice minimal tweaks along with some great sound FX.

The very playful nature got me thinking again about performative focus vs mixing focus and so…

Performance table (note little sneaky hand!)

With this setup I can control all but the Nord Modular Rack without looking in the direction of a monitor – really nice to have such a performatively focused table.  One (sorta) problem is that I have to stand up to use the V-Synth but I guess that will be good exercise for my 40+yr old pudge.  🙂

There’s also something else I picked up for very cheap that you can just see in the lower left – a little something that will hopefully prove to be a creatively useful boundary / limitation.

Zoom R8 portable 8-track recorder
Zoom R8 portable 8-track recorder

Pulling from a slightly old-school mentality (perhaps a tinge of hipster retro) this little device uses SD cards to replicate the experience of old school 8-track recording.  My plan is to use the computer (with the exceptional help of Ableton Push) as a musical instrument – recording multiple tracks to the Zoom R8 which can then be transferred to the computer for proper mixing later.  What i’m hoping to inspire is something of a shift away from my improvise, post-produce and that’s it mentality to include a greater focus on arrangements.  By providing a sensible limitation of 8 tracks I will hopefully finish more tracks and it certainly doesn’t remove the possibility of micro-editing later… just takes it out of the jamming phase.

It also will potentially assist in live mixing of prepared material but… cross that bridge… and things…


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