The “art” of doing things just because they can be done.

This week Luke Jaaniste suggested that part of my “art” is the struggle to plug bits of gear together.  I argued that this was Research and Development… not “art” but he may have something of a point.  Here is an example of the art of plugging things together…

… for what purpose i’m not sure?  I’m still very much into recording synths to separate tracks – one at a time – mainly in Tracktion 6 but more and more i’m using Ableton Live 9 again as the Push makes it a dream machine.

Maybe it’s just to see if (and how) it can be done.  This is the way our ancestors way back in the ’60s and ’70s used to do it… with CV not MIDI.  It’s incredibly fiddly and inconvenient… but the results are frequently mercurial which to me justifies the attempt.



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