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Subliminal Emulations


Seems I’m becoming something of a Roland fanboy…  I had a Korg MS20Mini for a couple weeks before exchanging it for a Roland System-1m (Thanks StoreDJ Brisbane!)  This should in no-way come across as a diss of the MS20 more than an example of my failing.  Similar to the Waldorf Blofeld I found it unintuitive to use and I was not compelled to make more than fart noises with it.  The System-1m is proving more useful, easier to get both nice and gnarly sounds and the 4-voice mode makes for a nice change with analog circuit emulation that sounds unlike any software emulations I’ve heard.  It’s Eurorack standard CV means it fits nicely with Arturia MicroBrute and I can sequence both from the Roland V-Synth.  The MB and S-1m are a nice pair and run well with the V-Synth and the S-1m also works nicely as an external oscillator for the V.  The plug-out functionality seems to be what everyone is talking about.  They all sound pretty good but i’m leaning towards the ProMars which seems the most diverse with a character suitable for Berlin School arpeggiations and sci-fi leads.

Here is a brief track featuring a rubbery SH-101 arpeggiation with the V-Synth providing pad sounds.

This afternoon I was watching this bootleg footage of a recent Skinny Puppy gig and noticed that Cevin Key is playing a Roland V-Synth in the background.

I did some googling and discovered he’s been using it live since the Greater Wrong of the Right Tour.  Interesting to me as i’d never noticed this before and it in no way influenced my purchase of a secondhand one this year.



It’s happened before with the Nord Modular, a synth I picked up partly on recommendation / partly on experience with the G2 Demo.  Seems my other favourite band Coil used it a lot, particularly on their live tours.  You can spy a G2 in this soundcheck video.

thighps and sleazy

I wonder if I subliminally translated the sounds I liked into a preference without consciously knowing what that preference was?  “Well coincimental” as Nathan Barley might say.


In other news i’ve found a way of making up for the inability to record live performances on the Native Instruments Maschine in standalone mode (where it really works best).  Melda MRecorder (which I own as part of the Total Bundle but which is readily available in the Freebundle) popped in the master bus works fine for capturing jams.  My pal Abre Ojos also pointed me to a video showing how to do it with NI Guitar Rig which is maybe more accessible for most of you – though I think it slams the CPU more than the Melda option.


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