Moving the computer away from the centre.

All the wordage on this blog over the last year or two about workflows etc. really comes down to this: This is the setup with focus for play with limitations that don't seem like they actually are.  I noticed afterwards that i'd mistakenly plugged the MIDI output of the SQ-1 into the Filter of the Sys-1m.… Continue reading Moving the computer away from the centre.

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Focus, limitations and play

It might seem a little odd that i'm posting so soon but... I have something I MUST speak of... but first... listen to this! I took the setup from the previous blog post and video, minus the V-Synth, around to Joe and Bec's for a jam and it was an exceptional time. Feel i'm getting… Continue reading Focus, limitations and play


The “art” of doing things just because they can be done.

This week Luke Jaaniste suggested that part of my "art" is the struggle to plug bits of gear together.  I argued that this was Research and Development... not "art" but he may have something of a point.  Here is an example of the art of plugging things together... ... for what purpose i'm not sure?  I'm… Continue reading The “art” of doing things just because they can be done.

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The “Push” and pull of hardware / software

Here is an excerpt from a fun improv session I had with Paul Forbes Mitchell and Joe Musgrove today.  It's a pretty dense collage that resembles ambient techno occasionally while refraining from providing a drop. *UPDATE - I've added another excerpt from this session - see below Joe was using his usual collection of tapes full of concréte,… Continue reading The “Push” and pull of hardware / software