Say “Hello” to my little friend!

Actually not so little…

V-Synth domination

Along with the Nord Modular the 2003 V-Synth by Roland has been my other “dream” synth.  I’ve never seen one going for less than couple of grand … until this weekend just gone.

So what makes it so special?  Check out the first part of this video for an idea…

For those that didn’t watch it:

1) It combines Analogue modelled oscillators with Samples

2) The samples can be stretched, chopped up, pitched and manipulated forwards and backwards

3) Samples and oscillators can be freely mixed as well as Frequency and Ring Modulated together.

4) It also can use an external input as an Oscillator with the same FM/RM capabilities.  Which is what i’m doing above with the Nord MicroModular.

5) It has what must be a fairly early implementation of touch-screen technology in a synth and it works much better for menu diving.

Touchscreen oldness

I’ve made some awful sounding noise so far that doesn’t really sell it but … it is a sound designers dream.

I should also mention that my Makrotulpa project ended up on a Dance music compilation!!! (Albeit a “Weird” one.)  Check it out…

… and don’t forget to check out the rest of the compilation.  Lots of talented, mostly Brisbane based musicians.


2 thoughts on “Say “Hello” to my little friend!”

    1. Hehe. Apologies! Honestly I wasn’t really aware either.
      For some reason I thought it was something like the Arturia Origin when in fact it’s semi-modular and really could be more correctly considered a sampler with synthesis capabilities.
      If you are looking i’d really recommend the original V-Synth (like mine) with the D-Beam and Time Trip Pad. While the Rack XT version looks nicer / takes up less space the extra capabilities with those mod controllers are definitely worth it.

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