I’ve got the Morph baby, you’ve got Leap Motion!

Mark Mosher has been putting together some rad posts on his Modulate This blog.  One of the recent ones that struck a chord for me was this one about focusing on a small set of instruments.  It’s a smart idea echoed by many electronic musicians that i’ve met – yet some of us (me) seem to spend a lot of time (and money) searching for that small set of instruments.

“Project week” is soon upon us at the Queensland Conservatorium.  This is a week of diversion from the curriculum towards special projects, workshops and musical activities.  As part of this me and my fellow Music Technology lecturers are presenting  solo works and collaborating on a live score translation.  In preparation i’ve been trying to find a small, sustainable, flexible setup where I can combine improvisation with some level of preparation.    After messing around with Usine and the Leap Motion I think I might settle on this.

The Micromodular provides synthesis and the Drone Module mangles samples.  Crossfading between them creates a Morph of the two sounds.  With this setup all the MM sounds are recorded to the Loop-station.  The output of those loops are going through Usine and the result of whatever i’m doing in Usine is pumped straight out the LS via its USB Audio capabilities.  So it isn’t recording what i’m doing in Usine (which is maybe a bummer) but that way avoids feedback.  I’m not sure that controlling the Morph and Drone module simultaneously is the right idea but i’ve a week to mess with the finer details and set it up with the Launch Control XL for further manipulatables.  So far it’s nicely interactive – the Leap Motion is really quite usable and compared to a Kinect I don’t have to stand far away to interact with it.

Here is an excerpt from a jam I had with Joe last night using a similar system.  Instead of the Leap Drone module I was using a simple crossfade looper and there is no Loop-Station.


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