I’ve got the Morph baby, you’ve got Leap Motion!

Mark Mosher has been putting together some rad posts on his Modulate This blog.  One of the recent ones that struck a chord for me was this one about focusing on a small set of instruments.  It's a smart idea echoed by many electronic musicians that i've met - yet some of us (me) seem… Continue reading I’ve got the Morph baby, you’ve got Leap Motion!

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a synthesized horizon

Thoughts on abstraction and concréte Recently I watched Jupiter Ascending at a cinema empty enough that the management clearly decided it wasn't worth air-conditioning. Early on there is a battle sequence between greys in transforming spaceships and the jet-booted dog/man/hero.  It was amazing.  A completely engrossing, seemingly chaotic yet clearly well choreographed combination of green… Continue reading a synthesized horizon