Totally Distributed

Remnants is back with a new mix, more tracks and digitally available on iTunes, Google PlayRdio, and Spotify…

This is all possible via Distrokid.  $20 a year per artist and they spread unlimited noise to the world.

Why are you doing this when you’ve got Bandcamp?

I’ve had a few conversations with people about B.C. and visibility – I personally love it and buy most of my digital tunes there.  But not everybody seems to understand or utilise it properly – crazy as it seems to me – some people actually prefer just using iTunes or Google Play to get the stuff directly on their phones!?!

I know there are numerous arguments about Spotify being a big part of the death of music but for me it’s a great way to avoid stealing music, useful for research and covers the broad range of weirdness I like.  Anything not on Spotify is either stuff I don’t care about or stuff I have to buy.

Also my debut on Room 40 is out at all of these places and Remnants was designed as a follow up – it slots in nicely in all 4 places.  Yay!

Obviously there is more to it than just bunging it up there – I have to talk it up – something I’m crap at but distro is a pretty big part of getting out there.

So why remake Remnants?

When I initially put it out I was racing against time to finish it for a gig with Pimmon and Tim Coster (which was great by the way) and before the birth of my son (also great but the end of any concept of free time).  Going back to it three years later – the elements were right but the “mastering” sounded terrible with a high frequency bias and over-compression.  So I went back to the original mixes and applied some thoughtful linear phase EQ and more moderate compression, messed with the sequencing a little and added two tracks from the sessions that appeared on various hard-copies.  I’m proud of the results which provide a more fitting follow up to Mise En Scene that sounds weird without sounding bad.

So what next for “Lloyd Barrett”?

Since I’ve registered with my name for Distrokid I feel I should take the opportunity to fatten my legacy with some more digital concréte – so that is on the plate for this year.

I’ll still be releasing the odd Makrotulpa and related thingos on BC.  I have a plan to release some “Makrotonal” works – long form microtonal space drones.

Here is something I did recently – a drone piece utilising the unsane 2C Kaleidoscope plugin as a dual string resonator alongside some CV modulated MicroBrute.

For those who wanna OMG about the geek specs… one track of this took this much CPU… (click to expand)

Crazy CPU!

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