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Dr Heckle and Mr Jive

Two new releases into the world – representing two distinct sides to my muse.

For aficionados of noise, glitch and improvisation there is a Makro/Hetlev live session from Saturday 10th January, 2015.  I’ve done some minor reduction and compression but this is essentially raw and one of the more roaring sets we’ve done to date with great energy and movement.  Paul’s DIY modular setup is maturing nicely and his digital concréte is central to this recording, ratcheting up the intensity while I skitter and dance around in a (mostly) complementary fashion using Numerology sequencing the hardware.  It’s always nice to set the processes going, step back and have no real idea which element is yours as everything meshes together nicely.

DIY Modular
Paul’s DIY modular setup. Rasberry Pi / Arduino / Makey Makey etc…
Lloyd's setup
Nord Modular, CZ-101, MicroBrute, Loop Station, iPad running Flux:FX, Macbook Air running Nord editor and CV to the MicroBrute

For those after something more tuneful and chilled out, Radio Atlantis is a mini-album culled from selected solo improvisations over the last quarter.  Over time these 7 miniatures revealed themselves as clear stand-outs and varying degrees of production polish have been applied to the tracks where necessary.   Musically i’m wearing my influences on my sleeve slightly more than usual resulting in “poppier” tracks with clear nods to Boards of Canada, The Orb, early Mouse on Mars and Jean Michel Jarre alongside the inevitable Coil worship.  My current work is heading in a different direction (more details in the next post) so I thought it time to clear the hard-drive and move forward.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Joe and Stacey for sensitive critiques.

Please don’t hesitate to download these for free… it will be preferable to just streaming them in the browser.


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