Directions in 2015: Flowjamz… and how to get them!

This is my current setup - nicely symmetrical - my intention is to maintain this all year, adding nothing more.  This is both a financial and epistemological consideration. Not pictured is the MacMini, audio interfaces and monitors used for recording and mixing. For those with a preference for signal flow diagrams... So to explain... Mac Mini is connected… Continue reading Directions in 2015: Flowjamz… and how to get them!

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Dr Heckle and Mr Jive

Two new releases into the world - representing two distinct sides to my muse. For aficionados of noise, glitch and improvisation there is a Makro/Hetlev live session from Saturday 10th January, 2015.  I've done some minor reduction and compression but this is essentially raw and one of the more roaring sets we've done to date with… Continue reading Dr Heckle and Mr Jive