2014: Swallowed whole and disgorged

2014 sucked. Here is some music: There is little I can say about the political situation of our country / the world that comes close to summing up how fucked I believe we all are.  I spent many days this year pinging between hopeless apathy and nihilistic anger.   It's incredibly hard to go out into… Continue reading 2014: Swallowed whole and disgorged


Lovely December wiggles

I've finally found the perfect use for the Patchblock I received as a kickstart early adopter one year ago.  Below is a video demonstrating it providing 2 additional LFOs to the Arturia Microbrute Mod-Matrix. I altered Erstlaub's Simple CV LFO patch adding Smirky's Latch suggestion and duplicating the modules to allow for separate mono outputs. The Microbrute is a recent acquisition -… Continue reading Lovely December wiggles