Latest build

Interesting that now I just have a generic wordpress.com address as opposed to a .net one the stats are showing i’m getting no random visitors at all.

I wonder how realistic this abandonment is?

Anyway here is something new… i’ll talk about it after the jump.

Since last I blogged there have been some additions to the Makrotulpad.

  1. Novation Nova: a nice generic virtual analog with some great features – namely 6 part multitimbrality with separate effect settings(!!) a decent vocoder and the ability to use input as an oscillator.
  2. Lexicon MPX100: a nice reverb to help fatten the Nord Modular sound with dual mode allowing two mono inputs to be summed through separate effects with stereo summing
  3. MOTU MachFive 3 sampler: i’ve been eyeing this off for a while.  Much easier to use than Kontakt with some great sound design abilities – namely Ircam Granular and Stretch algorithms that allow for some really creative manipulation (Stretch sadly doesn’t work well in realtime but Granular works a treat).  It also has synth oscillators and abundant midi and audio effects.  Any of these things can be laid out across the keyboard as you wish.

The track above is an example of how it all works together.  I spent about 3hrs total building, recording and mixing it down.  Starting with MachFive I

  • create some interesting granular sounds
  • move to the Nord Modular to get some bass and rhythmic parts
  • find an appropriate Novation Nova track and introduce audio input as an oscillator and engage the vocoder
  • fiddle with the Zoom MS-50g to get some appropriate distortion delay

RECORD a take… then do it again with slightly different settings, patches, samples.

Melda SpectralDynamics + Klanghelm SDRR saturation were applied on the main output and that’s what you are listening to.  Here is another example with the same setup – again improvised from scratch – this one I think I will need to return to and arrange better.


A bunch of my tracks are featured on oversized compilations this week.

BNE book and USB
BNE book and USB

BNE is a Book and USB stick chock full of Brisbane electronic music history.  My previous projects Diaspora and Poota are featured alongside an amazingly diverse selection of music from 1979 to 2014 including awesome sounds from Xero, John Watermann, Dave Corazza, Pure Bunk, Low Key Operations, Kunt etc…


Two Makrotulpa tracks are featured on this Ambient Online #3 compilation.   Both utilise Nord and Nova sounds with some Metasynth manipulations more heavily featured on the “Dystopian version” which stretches the definition of “Ambient” to include Edgard Varese inspired percussive weirdness.

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