End of line… blog!

A bit of angsty overdrive from the wintery southern hemisphere – was listening to PVT yesterday so there is a mild influence towards the end.

So my “secretkillerofnames.net” domain is up for renewal at the end of July and i’ve decided i’m not going to bother renewing it for two reasons:

  1. Secret Killer Of Names as a project is over as far as i’m concerned.  I’d rather not have to continue using the name.
  2. The domain only applies to this WordPress blog – which i’ve decided to decommission.

Over the last few years this blog has covered my transition from active to passive researcher… builder of synth setups and modern life brow furrower.  I don’t feel there is much more of value for me to share here.  I’m sure it is probably internet suicide letting my domain go wild but I really think it is of greater primacy to cultivate a functional creative practice before sticking up the branding and advertising my work.


I have a pretty sweet setup now (which I used to create the little ditty above) and I want to stick with and work with it to be creative rather than demonstrative (check my last post for more on that).

I don’t feel like I’m an especially insightful blogger of non-technical / research related stuff except maybe in the abstract so i’m shifting focus to the monosyllabic and pictographic representation of my Tumblr – so keep an eye on that.



My Soundcloud is also being trimmed though it won’t be abandoned.  In the process of dropping back to the 4hr plan i’ve been culling a lot of half-finished sketches.  I plan to work more towards “finishing” material to demo quality for SC while maintaining Bandcamp as the final resting place of “finished” material.

Anyway – my time is up.  I’m looking forward to new endeavours and hope to share them when they have come to fruition.  Don’t forget to check the Tumblr, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Thanks for reading.  End of Line.



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