Makro / Hetlev – an improvised duet

Ahah - so I said i'd never post here again and I lied!  Well i'm a musician not a politician! I thought it might be appropriate to post some "liner notes" to the Makro / Hetlev release just out on Bandcamp. Makro / Hetlev is Paul Forbes Mitchell and myself.  We've worked together and played… Continue reading Makro / Hetlev – an improvised duet


End of line… blog!

A bit of angsty overdrive from the wintery southern hemisphere - was listening to PVT yesterday so there is a mild influence towards the end. So my "secretkillerofnames.net" domain is up for renewal at the end of July and i've decided i'm not going to bother renewing it for two reasons: Secret Killer Of Names as a project… Continue reading End of line… blog!