A Study in… Failure!!!

Permission to fail

So the gig I just played last night is a near text book example of vision and process crowding out reality.

I started playing and the NanoKontrol immediately stopped communication with Numerology.  I stopped the performance, apologised, restarted Numerology and then went for it – realising after 5mins that it had happened again.  On my Macbook i’ve got a number of MIDISERVER crash messages that mention the Korg drivers and i’ve read that it may well be an issue with them not being truly 64bit compatible.

I forgot the rules – always have a safety net and never trust a computer with the final output.  The NanoKontrol was crucial for mixing the CUE and Output channels as well as recording, manipulating and clearing the loops.

It really was the worst gig i’ve had since the terrible This Is Not Art / Electrofringe gig in the park where a 5min setup was not adequate time to plug my loop-station correctly.  At least this time I only embarrassed myself in front of my co-workers and students :/   

On the way home from the gig I was listening to some good music I made in the past to make me feel a little better.  It reminded me why I like jamming to create tracks but lately i’ve been wondering if sharing this process with an audience is the best way to go.  At the gig Matt Hitchcock entranced us with some lovely surround work that reminded me I could be fulfilling my musical ambitions making tracks rather than stressful live appearances to dwindling crowds.

One more gig on the horizon (April 4 – Vision Gallery West End) and for safety sake i’m taking a different approach – using a mixer for starters!  Then I shall revert to shut-in mode in order to multitrack my opus…maybe coming out for collabs.  


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