A Study in Time Lag

A couple of test jams with the setup i’m using.  It’s a bit rough at the moment but this might give you an idea of what i’m trying.  More info below…

Time Lag Setup
Time Lag setup

It’s a fairly simple setup.  A Lemur patch controls the Nord Modular which sends audio into an instance of Numerology.   The NanoKontrol controls all the Numerology stuff including Sugar Bytes Turnado and three Augustus Loopers.  I have a headphone cue mix like a DJ so that I can setup a sound and record it to a looper.  When ready I can bring it up in the main mix.  I can also edit the NM patch without any stuttering malfunctions hitting the output.

Lemur controller pages
Lemur controller pages

There are 4 pages to the Lemur Controller with all elements sourced from new Canvas object demos or the Lemur user library.  A hexagonal key controller, a 2D ribbon controller, the options for the ribbon plus some automatable CC controllers and a radial sequencer.

Assuming it runs in parallel with the Lemur I will probably use Samplr to provide some additional waveform manipulations.

It’s a pretty fun setup to use – tomorrow night I will see how it works in a live situation.

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