Out of the Box!

SKONLab - lounge version
SKONLab – lounge version

So I’ve decided i’m over having a humongous case that I can’t cart around easily when what you see here is the bulk of what i’m using.

Despite the smaller footprint it still sounds big – check out below!

Occasionally I will add the iPad or a Patchblock – but that is actually easier to do out of the box.

What I don’t look forward to is cord / cables / plugging.  Ewww I forgot how tedious that was.

So the case is currently mothballed – let me know if you want it.  I’ll get rid of it for cheap if you are in Brisbane!

RPM2014 isn’t going to far – i’ve been busy working on stuff for the CreateWorld performance.  I’ve semi-settled on using SaltyGrain granular effect on most of the slots as I think it is a useful effect that adds to the input appropriately and one that can be controlled pretty well with the NanoKontrol.    Really good for using drones and i’m utilising the FaderBox and ParamMod objects in Numerology so that I can scale / smooth the control – which == smoother mixing.

I’ve got a bunch of notes and concept ready to improvise with and I think I will use this setup – but whether I complete it for RPM2014 remains to be seen.  Only really have next week to work on it and semester preparation is looming.

In other news I found an awesome rogue-like worth keeping an eye on: Approaching Infinity.  It’s a turn-based, procedurally generated universe perma-death.  Very fun.


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