Neo Kosmische Musik bonanza (and RPM2014 update)

Finally after two decades Node have decided to grace us with an epic slab of arp-driven electronica.  And it’s released on bandcamp via Ian Boddy’s spaced out DiN imprint! Node is Flood, Ed Buller, Dave Bessell and Mel Wesson – all known and notable producers in popular music and sound design circles.

Node use their laptops for Skype only
Node use their laptops for Skype only

Like the space music equivalent of a road movie it’s all about the journey.  Tracks are often lengthy and semi-improvised – floating free until they latch onto a pulse or arpeggiated pattern which builds to a climax while squeals and squalls dance around the headphone space.   Whatever you call it… Berlin School, Progressive Electronica – I tend to like the term Neo-Kosmische Musik –  this kind of music is the reason I make music and I could listen to it all day, everyday. More after the jump…

Popul Vuh
Popul Vuh

The heritage is Popul Vuh, Klaus Schultze and mid 70’s Tangerine Dream and it has influenced basically all of the ambient electronica I’ve loved from Jean Michel Jarre to Coil through Orbital and the Orb, Future Sound of London and modern practitioners like the Zombi crew (Steve Moore + Majeure).  I believe the main difference between this music and techno is simply the focus away from kick-drum beat towards drones and arpeggiated monophonic bass-lines.

In checking out the collections of other like-minded Node fans on Bandcamp I stumbled across an act I totally missed out on: Redshift.  Album after album of amazing stuff.  Here is one that seems to get many kudos: An example of the idea that there is always something new to discover and listen to. RPM 2014 update Only a short one.  I’ve not made a single sound as i’ve been trying to get some marking out of the way however I’m modifying my trajectory slightly.  I’m still going to be using Nord Modular for all of the synthesis but was thinking I don’t want to rule out sample / manipulation which I will probably use samplr / Turnado on the iPad for.  I was also thinking of making some tracks in Ableton Live as I will get to use the awesome J74 Progressive Max For Live patch (below).  This will make for a more tuneful album most likely.*  I’ve already worked out progressions for all ten tracks I plan to make using the Solfege and Musicians Dice and have pulled a tarot card from the Silicon Dawn deck to guide the mood of each track.  More track details soon.

Chord and arpeggiation builder.
Chord and arpeggiation builder.

*unfortunately much as J74 Progressive is awesome – it is incompatible with the Solfege dice which take chromatic and diatonic scale-points (see below). So Numerology / Launchpad / Nord Modular it is though i’m definately going to multitrack it to Logic or Reaper.

chromatic and diatonic scalepoints
chromatic and diatonic scalepoints

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